Welcome to dj Liker

dj Liker is a social marketing system that will increase likes, comments and increase visits to pages. Our system is based on an online community of users who look get likes quickly and easily. A truly simple-to-use Auto like website.

About Us

What is dj Liker?

  • dj Liker is a Facebook Auto-Like Application, founded and manage by only one person in the early and it started to grow with an extraordinarily inspiring speed.

  • We provides free,safe,fast post likes to Facebook users. It is totally protected site & never spammed. dj Liker also gives the Multi Comments on Public Posts.

  • It is programmed to help the Facebook users who didn't get likes on their posts & beg other people to do it!

  • dj Liker is totally free & we never ask people for the money to get likes. We provide the best services of Facebook for free!

Our Reach:

  • dj Liker reaches to a huge audience – actually over 3,000,000 unique visitors per month to be exact; and they all are real visitors, safe traffic/users from the Google.

  • More than 5 million Facebook users have sign up for our site in very few months. Our project is increasing quickly in world wide.


  • To let everyone knows about our application, mainly those who are begging their friends to like their posts.